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Episode 57: E3 Fallout, WoW, and Apple

Episode 57: E3 fallout, D3 real money AH, and iOS… oh my! We’ll let everyone a quick moment to follow all the links in the notes. Then there are, of course, media folks who refuse to not jump to conclusions. -FF

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Episode 53: Of Diablo, DOTA, and Dumb Laws

Episode 53: D3 just came out, so of course I have to point out that I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. :p Then we have more Warcraft news, Nintendo handhelds, and even some law commentary in this week’s episode. Thanks for stopping by! -FF Read the rest of this entry »

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Episode 14: Satisfyingly Downloaded

Episode 14: Today’s episode brings a Mario Kart Wii catchup strategy, a discussion of a World of Darkness classic (and the old universe) along with news of the PS3 price drop and gamescon World of Warcraft 4.3 news! The iOS App Store even makes an appearance. It was a full gaming week, and you can tell! -FF

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