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Episode 57: E3 Fallout, WoW, and Apple

Episode 57: E3 fallout, D3 real money AH, and iOS… oh my! We’ll let everyone a quick moment to follow all the links in the notes. Then there are, of course, media folks who refuse to not jump to conclusions. -FF

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Episode 55: Of Gaming and Feedback

Episode 55: Hopefully we’ve fixed the feedback issues we were having! Also, this was Memorial Day so a lot of heavy gaming was had over the weekend. Not to mention the fact that my birthday was last week so the gaming library has grown just a bit. We’ll even touch on some anti-TSA news and the 38 Studios issue ever so lightly. Thanks for stopping by! -FF

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Episode 18: The Torch is Strong in This One

Episode 18Between a World of Warcraft Druid class rant, general gaming goodness like Portal and Portal 2, release dates, and reactions to remakes (Final Fantasy X!? Goldeneye 007!?) we’ll touch on law, merger news, and not even come close to falling asleep this time. Enjoy! -FF Read the rest of this entry »

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Episode 2: Jargon Rants


Episode 2:

Touching on Sims 3,, WoW (son and I hit 70!) and Final Fantasy 13 before moving on to a public schools rant about jargon: curriculum v “scope and sequence”?

Don’t forget twitter (flameflash) and the email if you have questions/comments/feedback. Thanks for joining me!


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