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Episode 62: Taxing News and WoW Rep Blues

Episode 62: Heavy on the World of Warcraft news this week as two more beta builds go out in the time between 61 and now. We also get a chart with states will charge sales tax in and the usual random FlameFlashian news such as the gem of state wanting to outlaw singleparenting or McDonald’s attacking a man with grafted technology. Ah, and you will also be assimilated into Windows 8 in three months. -FF

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Episode 55.5: E3 Preliminaries and Last Week’s News

Episode 55.5: We’ll go all over the map with information about people getting on the wrong flight to Xbox and it’s newly announced features. We’ll dance with the Wii U while we raise the alarm for non account wide mounts in WoW. All while trying not to fall asleep or let the camera crash. -FF Read the rest of this entry »

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Episode 18: The Torch is Strong in This One

Episode 18Between a World of Warcraft Druid class rant, general gaming goodness like Portal and Portal 2, release dates, and reactions to remakes (Final Fantasy X!? Goldeneye 007!?) we’ll touch on law, merger news, and not even come close to falling asleep this time. Enjoy! -FF Read the rest of this entry »

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Episode 16: Geek News Attacks

Episode 16: World of Warcraft achievements, patch 4.3 news, and even some real world stuff like the AT&T&T merger block.  We hop from a follow-up from last week’s “Deuceing the Exes” Gamestop oops to a new indie game called MariO and even help folks get their 3DS Ambassador games.
Enjoy the show!
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