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Episode 50! Same FlameFlash, 50 Episodes Wiser

Episode 50: We are all over the map with a very rich newsweek in both gaming and real life. Government wants to spy on you with car black boxes, CISPA, twitter feed subpoenas, PSN reflections and games, 3DS updates. The whole nine yards! We have so much it didn’t even fit in our normal half hour! That’s for the best as this marks (approximate) year one of the podcast. Now go forth and write in or share the word of FlameFlash! Too much in this little box going on, you’ll have to come by for a listen. -FF Read the rest of this entry »

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Episode 49: No Password For You!

Episode 49: Other states begin considering social media password requests as a crime! We also lightly touch on the consoles, the WoW beta, and a TSA protestor. New York gets tough on predators… the states seem to be waking up and doing things right. -FF

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Episode 48: Let the Betas Begin!

Episode 48Mists Beta commentary, Warcraft Cata Commentary, a bit of Magic: the Gathering and a hint of other new expansions to come… along with the care and feeding of inboxes, educations, and chainsaws. Come on in! -FF

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Episode 47: Come on Ride the (Beta) Train… and Ride it!

Episode 47Into the MoP beta we go! First with news surrounding it and then with soon getting to step foot on Pandaria myself. Netflix is thinking about doing the split again, Amazon Prime comes to the PS3, and we’re Double(ing) the power of the Dragon. The state of gaming is strong. -FF

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