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Episode 46: If I Only Had a Beta (Key)

Episode 46: Talking excitedly about schools being stupid, laws that walk the dangerous line of harm and benefit, and more beta World of Warcraft news. Your local Gemini FlameFlash is all over the map in the latest episode of his podcast. What was that? Even PS4 rumors? Yes please! -FF

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Episode 45: The Mists Are Thick (With News)

Episode 45: Lots of World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria news this week, which seems fitting given the Raptr report contents. We’ll also stop by Mass Effect 3’s ending issues and TMNT 2013’s beginning issues. We’re also launching “Monk of Mists”, a blog dedicated to the Monk class! -FF
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Episode 44: Occupy Space Birds

Episode 44: Having survived the flu we now warn you of potential digital health risks. Roaming from Anonymous OS to children on FB, Star Wars, Mari0, and everything in between. Even tossed in a childhood gaming flashbacks. Thanks for stopping by! -FF

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Episode 43: Star Chamber Scroll of Rez Data Capped

Episode 43: An assortment of news, 3DS, PS3, WoW, and otherwise this week. Club Nintendo and EA bring back the past in their own unique ways. Steam goes and invades the mobile platforms and a group of Annoymous got hit. Be sure to grab Young Justice on iTunes and we’ll see you next week! -FF

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Episode 42.5: Duties of Dadhood

Episode 42.5: To keep up with the trend (and I suppose my pride) a quick stop on the podcast trail to share a parenting moment. I plan to be back tomorrow night for the usual faire. -FF

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Episode 42: Raptr Love

Episode 42: has updated their site again! We also review PSN games Inferno Pool and Sam & Max along with a treck into Dungeon Defenders on PC. Our condolances to the Blizzard employees that were laid off as well (among other news commentary). -FF

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