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Episode 41: Vita launches, NIntendo rests

Episode 41Whacking at the reason I’m not getting a Vita, what the Final Fantasy X HD really means, and a public shaming for the “bundle” requirements.  Leveling while herbing and in queue can be a dangerous thing. Just don’t ding! -FF

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Episode 40: May the Warcraft Be With You

Episode 40: Lots of Warcraft news, a touch of Vita and 360, and a congratulatory huzzah to “Doublefine” on their kickstarter success. Raptrstrike! -FF

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Episode 39: No PSN for You! (and other commentary)

Episode 39Three events in World of Warcraft are currently running at once! Sony’s Vita supposedly doesn’t hit the PSN to get your UMDs converted.  Final Fantasy talk, along with a plea to keep used games out there. Approaching a year! The mind-boggling fact that the iPhone is older than some of my kids. -FF

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Episode 38: Tweet “Doh”s and “Doh”-nots

Episode 38Touching on the Nintendo Network, Vita launch bundle, and a PINK 3DS are just a couple of the items covered this week. Raptr report waxed into the classics and we look forward to more classics soon (Hint: Doh!). Waiter, you got a touch of MMO news in my gaming podcast! -FF

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