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Episode 37: Of Breasts and BurgerTime

Episode 37: Quite a few headlines to hit, along with a slightly more empty Raptr report. Explored PSN game demos, enjoyed the prospect of 3DS demos and pondered the future Vita and Next Xbox. By the way, Star Trek Online went free to play. Stop by and cast magic missile into the darkness with us.
It seems that the original news story regarding the final rant came from a fake news site and was run by a legit site. Still, if we believe this about the Gingrich family without a second look… does that show what we really think of their character?
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Episode 36: The Great SOPA Blackout

Episode 36SOPA talk (just a little bit) with a side of Raptr report, Redflare’s birthday, 3DS, Wii U, and even some Vita commentary. Be sure to hit Club Nintendo for “freebies” and congrats to’s game of the year 2011! -FF

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Episode 35: Ding Dong Ditched

Episode 35The start of the Raptr report… and then interrupted by the doorbell… then we move on to the news! Vita, lots of angry birds out there, and some fun WoW news… oh my! -FF

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Episode 34: Lego for Girls and Other New Fails for 2012

Episode 34: We touch on the Raptr report Christmas fallout, PS Vita sales starting to slump in Japan and Lego… for girls. Not a big episode this week, but still a meaty one. Feel free to drop me a line! -FF

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