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Episode 33: Post Christmas Gaming Week

Episode 33: We have Rayman, Sims, Sonic, Diablo, Lego, Ratchet, Mario, Spider-man, and of course Warcraft for the mix this time. New headset, recording on a different computer… will #33 be a lucky number? It was certainly a review heavy number. 😉 -FF

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Episode 32: Sniffing Vicks and Talking Tricks

Episode 32Running heavily with the Raptr report and then evolving into the Raptr 2011 most played report we also get commentary on SOPA, Earth magnets, and a new battletag system. Not to mention the joy FF’s gravelly voice while dealing with a cold… but powering through it so streak stays in tact! Much more was discussed in this slightly longer episode, but I’ll leave that to be built with legos in post. Oh, and did I mention Winterveil hit Warcraft? 😀 -FF
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Episode 31: Big Brain Raptr Report

Episode 31:

A slightly larger Raptr report than usual helps tide us over from it being a bit smaller news week. Sony still pulls my top headlines, as does the 3DS Ambassador program which scores the final 5 GBA game announcement. PS+ proves itself with numbers and a boat named Vita goes under (maybe due to memory stick prices? :p ).  All this, with a minor nod to the Occupy movement in this week’s podcast. -FF
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Episode 30: Of Warcraft and Consoles

Episode 30: Updating everyone on the many 4.3 Warcraft news items that were out this week, along with some of the deals that PS+ members get (free Tomb Raider! Free Spyro!) not to mention the arrival of Final Fantasy 6 (finally). Behold the power of social media! You are not prepared. -FF

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Episode 29: Vita Pricing Disappointments Occupy Much

Episode 29We’ll talk everything from my latest Raptr gaming report to the fact that I’m cheap and miffed at the removeable media prices for the PS Vita. Not to mention confusion regarding Xbox 360 TV and why the government does some of the things it does. Oh, also mention of World of Warcraft. 😉 -FF

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