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Episode 28: Happy Thanksgiving With a Side of Geek News

Episode 28Game sales galore! PETA apologizes and Netflix will remain unprofitable. Also, I can’t seem to read my own handwriting and shownotes. :p Xbox 360 gets an update on Dec 6, the same day Warcraft might. There’s also some love from consumer reports toward Gamestop… no, not really. -FF

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Episode 27: PETA Sneeze With Legalese

Episode 27: Mocking PETA for the Mario Tanooki Suit issue, class action lawsuits against Walmart and Netflix, and of course gaming tidbits and news. Oh also, a happy birthday to Mr. Miyamoto (the father of Mario and Link). By the way, steam service for PC got hacked, so be sure you go change your passwords! -FF

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Episode 26: "Time" For Some Playstation Warcraft

Episode 26: Lame name this time, but at least it summarizes what’s in there. World of Warcraft 4.3 is approaching, the developer Q&A gave us little insight into what we’ll actually see… Playstation Network releases are fast approaching with classics and a sad day for another developer of a MMO. Apple and Spiderman even get sued! -FF

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Episode 25: Comic Reviews with Geek News

Episode 25: Redbox raises prices, Angry Birds hits 500+ million downloads, and DC Universe “new 52” is lightly reviewed. The Guardian Cub pet arrives, Blizzcon is still on our minds, and 3DS store eventually goes online. Lots more to talk about this week! -FF

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