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Episode 24: As the Blizzcon (2011) Turns

Episode 24: It’s amazing what a Blizzcon makes.  A lot of great stuff came out of Blizzard last weekend, and I’m hear to give it the personal spin. -FF
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Episode 23: The Chat Room Visits

Episode 23: Greetings to laurenannc… my first interactive chatroom visitor! WoW’s Hallowed Eve begins, Amazon and PSN split? Also discuss the amazon trade-in process.  And how I podcast! Among other interesting geek interests (Deloreans and Transformers?!) -FF

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Episode 22: Netflix Rollback, Blizz Trips Forward, FlameFlash Nods Off

Episode 22: No Netflix/Qwikster breakup, WoW starts selling gold but at least makes void storage reasonably priced. Cell phone searches are legal in CA and both PSN and Xbox had announcements too… though Xbox wins this time. All while I try not to fall asleep. -FF
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Episode 21: The Day The Internet Cried

Episode 21: Remembering Apple’s Steve Jobs, Warcraft news, and Playstation Network news, along with asides regarding Star Trek, Ghostbusters, and Disney movies… with a tiny bit of law commentary mixed in. -FF

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